Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial

After posting my first Cupcake Bouquet I got a lot of requests for a tutorial and finally here it is :D. Hope you find this useful, this is my first tutorial sorry if there's anything unclear. Please let me know if you have any questions.

For this tutorial you will need:
-Mini styrofoam balls
-Wooden skewers(12"tall)
-A hot glue gun
-A vase
-A styrofoam cube
-Silk leaves (washed)
- Decorative rocks
-A knife
*Sorry but I did not take pictures of all the tools I used*

1. Grab two skewers and slide a single foam ball into it. Depending on the size of the cupcake, slide foam balls 1"-1" 1/2 into skewer. This will prevent the skewer from sliding completely into the cupcakes.

2. For extra support, using your hot glue gun place some glue underneath the foam ball.

3. Repeat this process untill you have made enough skewer stands to fill your vase. For an average sized vase, as shown in the picture, you'll need roughly 20 cupcakes/20 skewer stands.

4. Using a hot glue gun, glue styrofoam cube to the base of the vase.

5. After it has dried, Place skewers into foam. Separate each skewer 1-2" apart form one another. 

6. Cover the base with decorative rocks. The reasons behind this are, because the cupcakes will overweigh the vase causing it to tip over, this will insure some extra weight at the bottom of the vase. And second, it will cover the foam so it won't be visible when displayed. .

7. Decorate your cupcakes. Remember for this bouquet it is best to use a crusting butter cream recipe, this will prevent the icing from sliding off the cupcake. Also allow the butter cream to crust (an hour or so) before arranging them in the vase.

 8. Before placing cupcakes on skewers get a knife and punch in a tiny whole on the bottom of each cupcake, this step will make them slide easily  into the skewers. 

9. Place the cupcakes on the skewers.

10. Fill the gaps with silk leaves try to cover your techniques as much as possible. Make sure you wash the leaves before placing them near the cupcakes, to insure sanitation.

**This bouquet is very delicate, if it is to be transported make sure to remove the cupcakes prior, then rearranging them when needed**